Patricia O'Malley

Patricia O'Malley Bio

Founded the foundation in 2008 and is Chief Executive of the company. Patricia has worked with vulnerable adults and children for over 19 years. Patricia has personal experience and empathy of living with a physical disability and mental health challenges.

Patricia has managed and delivered projects in the UK and worked with disadvantaged young people in Nepal, China, Brazil and Poland.
"My mission for The Regency Training Foundation is; to provide self development training to those who cannot afford to pay the high price usually charged for workshops of this nature.

The techniques we use, really do work and I have witnessed amazing changes and progress achieved with our clients over the years. Our clients have experience of life changing events either through; illness, trauma, tragedy, financial or social deprivation, accident or resettlement, which has altered their lives dramatically. We work with what people are able to do now and in the future, and how to achieve and succeed with limited resources and abilities, empowering individuals to be the champion of their own life."